Becoming a mindful and powerful leader

As a mindful leader, you embody authenticity and charismatic presence. You are able to focus, provide clarity and inspire creativity as well as acting with empathy.

Why do we need a new leadership quality?

Growing trends such as:

  • digitalization, which leads to increasingly rapid processes and exchange of information, questions existing business models and therefore, among bringing innovation, raises uncertainties.
  • globalization, that increasingly counts on virtual and intercultural teams that are supposed to deliver reliable results. Globalization has many positive aspects – however, it comes at a price.

How does this impact the daily business of a leader?

Initiating oder just reacting?

Every few minutes, we react to urgent requests: an employee with a problem that cannot be delayed, mails and a meeting request from your supervisor.

All good intentions to focus on important and influential topics are often thrown overboard – the result: the gradual feeling of losing control over the situation. Once you are caught in that rat race, it is hard to find an exit.

This is how the exit works: Mindful leadership with focus, clarity and empathy:

2-day leadership-training:

„Mindful Leadership – finding
the space to lead.“


Finding the space to lead