Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

“For me, the interactive coaching sessions have become a long-term and helpful support, in particular to further develop my leadership skills.”

Alexander Müller-Gastell,  CEO ND SatCom


What is the most challenging and important decision you face as an entrepreneur or executive at the moment?

  • Dealing with the heavy weight of expectations is part of your everyday life as a leader?
  • Do you have to make many and far-reaching decisions within the shortest possible time?
  • In your exposed position, honest and unadorned feedback is rare?

Your Executive Coach is available to you as a professional partner for reflection.

You can expect a sparrings-parter on an equal footing, with integrity and experience, for constructive dialogue focusing on solutions instead of problems.

More and more managers use executive coaching to elevate their already high level with individually tailored, intensive and sustainable personality development.

Our guiding principle:

We are sparring partners on an equal footing for top executives, for their personal and entrepreneurial development.

Das individuelle Training zur Führungsexzellenz!

The individual training for leadership excellence!

Time and attention have become the most important resources for leaders. If you also feel that you never have enough of both, this individual training program could help you to use your time in a more valuable and meaningful way than before.

Leadership Impact Assessment

As a leader one of the challenges is to receive honest and open yet constructive feedback from your team. The leadership impact assessment provides a neutral and objective approach …

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… to receive feedback on areas of improvement, but also on what works well!

How it works:

  • You think about approx. 5 people cross-departmental and cross-hierarchy which you would like to get feedback from
  • You inform those people about the LIA and ask for open feedback
  • We will invite people to complete an online-questionnaire (anonymously)
  • We create a report including strengths and key areas for improvement (foundation for coaching process)

Please note: we can assess at the beginning and after coaching process ends and measure success.