People development as a passion

Tailor-made learning journeys

“With more than 90 subsiduries in over 22 countries – digital learning is not just a trend. It’s the only way, to ensure consistent leadership development. With ONDG we found a partner where we agreed in early stages, that an online leadership program is much more, then just replace classroom-trainings with webinars. The concept that the ONDG team has developed, includes important elements based on experience, self-reflection and self-paced learning. The most important benefit is, that attendees learn over a period of time in small learning nuggets, instead of being overloaded in many days of classroom training. Martina Luettringhaus managed to increase the impact and effectiveness of our leadership trainings significantly.”

Eva Maurer, Head of HR Development global, Formel D GmbH

Blended learning – individual mix includes online and classroom training

In times of Digitization, Transformation and a fundamental change of values in business leadership becomes even more important. To transform tangiable change in attitude and behaviour, we use an individual mix of online and classroom training – depending on your requirements.

Our coaching-based approch leads to empowering leadership in the organization.

Leadership Essentials

This program has been designed for new of future leaders. During a 6-10 weeks online trainingsprogram the attendees get the starter-kit to apply a suportive leadership mindset. This provides a direct benefit to attendees, their teims and the organization overall.

Performance and potential development master class

This training has been designed for experienced leaders.
They learn how to identify and grow talents within their team, peers and the organization. It includes a proven personality profile to get helpful insights about their natural leadership style and development potential, which they can than use and apply to lead others.

Personal Leadership Excellence

During the last couple of years the daily challenges for leaders has changed dramatically. Shortterm request, customer crisis, changes in processes and more then ever distraction has a significant impacht for leaders and how their self-management.
This training has been developed for senior leaders in order to support them in turbulent times – so that they are able to create space from themselves and strategic leadership tasks during a crazy workday.