Change Management and Team Development

„I can recommend the program. It is important to get a good agreement in advance, as well as clear goal definition and flexibility along the way. The learning effect as well as the trust have built up over the duration of this program. Sustainability was ensured by the mix of methods. The employees have become more spirited and have more confidence.

(Vera Lux, Director of Nursing Uniklinik Köln)
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Teams are increasingly establishing themselves as the internal organizational structure of companies. The performance of a team and all its members is therefore of particular importance – this is especially true for management teams.

The following example illustrates the support we can provide in this process:

The initial situation:

There was a paradigm shift in the leadership of a medium-sized company. The new Managing Director faced the challenge of anchoring the employees’ economic thinking and actions, while at the same time securing traditional values ​​such as quality awareness and sustainability for the future.

Our approach:

Executive coaching and consulting of the managing director in all cultural matters and in the management of the employees.
Identification of the most important areas of action with the first management level. Definition of measurable success criteria. Establishing a change project with internal “change-agents”. Monitoring the change in central teams with great leverage, process support and moderation.

The result:

The new Managing Director was able to implement the necessary changes more quickly and effectively by gaining acceptance from his employees. The improvements in processes and structures, in particular at the team level, were quickly made visible and thus created confidence among the employees for the future.