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Our customers are as diverse as they are unique 

For 18 years we have been supporting companies from various industries in individual topics of competence development. This has often resulted in long-term and trusting business relationships. 

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“With more than 90 subsidiaries in 22 countries, digital learning is not a trend for us, but the only way to qualify our employees uniformly on a global scale. Especially in the area of leadership, this presented us with a huge challenge. The ON.DevelopmentGroup concept includes important didactic elements in virtual form, such as experiential learning, self-reflection and self-directed learning, with the immense advantage of accompanying the learner in numerous learning nuggests over weeks, instead of concentrated in a few days of attendance. Ms. Lüttringhaus has succeeded in sustainably increasing the effectiveness of our classroom training through the virtual format.” 

Eva Maurer, Head of HR Development global, FormelD GmbH