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Transforma­tional coaching for more humanity in leadership. Teams, instead of ego-show!

Together we support leaders and HR managers in developing teams that know, trust and support each other on a human level. This is called psychological safety. Leadership teams, in particular, can thus react more quickly and healthily to changing conditions in an innovative way.



10-week transformation leadership team program

This is the right program for leadership teams with the following challenges:

  • Set priorities correctly
  • Let go and trust instead of doing it yourself lots of changes and restructuring brought unrest in the team
  • too little entrepreneurial and strategic thinking
  • technical silos and more limited thinking outside of the box
  • blame, justifications, slowness

    Our combined knowledge and experience
    in interactive online courses:

    • individual use with 1:1 coaching support or
    • as a course for up to 12 participants live moderated online pistops
    • Inspiring video inputs with English and German subtitles
    • Workbook to print out, thoughts hold on and read
    • Transfer tasks for direct reflection and implementation

    And these are our topics:

    • Leadership Essentials – how to do yours
    • Lead, develop and inspire the team with discussion guides and
    • Video demos (DE / EN)
    • Mental Reset (DE / EN)

    This offer is individually for leaders who desire to experience more ease in their life, who are ready to explore conditioning and its impact to find new and true perspectives for their work and life.

    Let’s face the challenges together! 

    On paper everything is clear: Company- and HR goals defined, new leadership model developed and now?  

    You are looking for a way to make sustainable changes within teams noticeable on a personal level? To significantly improve trust and collaboration? 


    I’m Martina and together with my international team we are your game changers on the topic of mindset transformation in leadership. 

    Our mission is to partner with and support HR managers to create a more human, connected and therefore more productive leadership experience. Let’s create a place where people enjoy contributing their potential and achieving goals. 


    Personal Growth, Leadership Transformation, and More Balance in Everyday Leadership!

    In this free live demo, you’ll have the opportunity to see how you can apply the award-winning coaching method “Overcoming Immunity to Change” to resolve common organizational challenges such as:  

    • Stagnation or resistance to change 
    • Low levels of innovation and creativity 
    • Unrest after a restructuring 
    • Decreased productivity 
    • Lack of human connection and teamwork 

    Join other HR leaders, executives, and coaches to see how Immunity to Change facilitator Martina Lüttringhaus guides participants in using the Immunity Map to help them move closer to achieving their intentions with more ease. 



      „In my many years of international HR and talent management I have met many trainers and coaches. Only a few have convinced me as much as Ms. Lüttringhaus and her team from ON.DG. Collaboratively, we have developed a series of trainings based on our company competence model and implemented it as tailor-made learning experience globally, which is already very successful in for almost 10 years now, receiving the best feedback from our employees and leaders and is clearly having a long-term impact.“

      Doris Teichmann, VP Human Resources global, Kautex Textron

      Kautex is the recipient of the Talent Management Seal of Excellence from the German Education Prize 2015.

      Psychological Safety Team Cards

      Make your next Team Meeting more valuable!

      In the fast-paced world of business, creating a workplace where individuals feel heard, valued, and psychologically secure is paramount. Elevate your team dynamics with our innovative Psychological Safety Cards – the game-changer in cultivating a culture of trust, open communication, and collaboration. 

      • 58 thoughtfully crafted prompts for meaningful conversations 
      • Durable and high-quality material 
      • Pocket-sized for on-the-go use 
      • Ideal for team meetings, workshops, and one-on-one discussions 

      Unlock the Potential of Psychological Safety:

      Invest in the well-being and productivity of your team. By incorporating the cards into your workplace culture, you’re not just enhancing communication; you’re unlocking the full potential of your team members. 

      Create a workplace where psychological safety is not just a concept but a daily practice.

      Let’s get inspired! 

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