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Teams are increasingly establishing themselves as the internal organizational structure of companies.


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Three steps to success – Career Coaching Special

Personage plus Coaching

More satisfaction through the development of your personal potential! Make up your mind for new joy at work and gathering new enthusiasm. A purposeful coaching is helping to get more clearance for an successful… download the promotion-card

Leadership Qualification in Health Care

Qualification of managers in the care of the university hospital Cologne in response to growing complexity look here for practical example

Develop and retain employees – mentoring program at IP Deutschland (media group RTL)

Qualified and committed employees are increasingly difficult to find. At the same time, it is important to take good care of the company’s knowledge bearers so that they are not poached by other companies. How can a company identify, develop and retain new talent through challenging prospects? look here for practical example


Trainer kit reloaded The main models, formats and processes and their application in training

Theoretical-practical application knowledge: typical models, schools of thought, formats, process presentations from training and counseling are presented here in a compact manner and are then submitted with exercises, which are suitable for the introduction of theories in the seminar and for the subsequent application.
Martina Lüttringhaus presents a tool on page 250:

  • Systemic laws are psychological laws of action. These are dynamics, whose effects are often perceptible, even if the causes are not directly known. The knowledge of systemic laws is an important basis for the state analysis, especially in crises and conflict. It reveals the causes to the perceptible symptoms. The information is intended to provide a quick and, above all, sustainable solution, and ensure that “movement” is re-introduced to the system and that conflicts can be worked out constructively.

ISBN 9783941965867

EQ tools: The 42 best guide tools for the development of Emotional Intelligence

The practice book has been published by the publisher managerSeminare 2011
ISBN: 978-3-941965-29-4 erschienen.
Martina Held (now “Lüttringhaus”) has published 2 tools:

  • The Decision Quadrant” in the field of self-management
    This tool ties together rational reasons in favor of or against a decision with intuition and is thus ideally suited for executives as it takes into account both figures, data, facts and the often neglected gut feeling.
  • “The identification factor” in the field of ​​Personnel Management
    This tool ties employees’ willingness to perform directly to your identification. Thereby, the tool initiates a reflection process for executives. The goal is the realization that willingness to perform is not solely influenced by hard factors such as money, but, in particular, the soft factors such as recognition, motivation and identification, which results in the willingness to commit to a company or product.


E-coaching and online consulting; Formats, concepts discussions

The edited volume by Prof. Dr. Harald Geissler and Maren Metz gives an overview of the many tried and tested possibilities and experiences how the modern media can be used for business coaching and psychosocial counseling. For this purpose, the specifics of the different coaching and counseling formats are presented and their characteristic differences and similarities are elaborated.

This includes a case study by Martina Held (now “Lüttringhaus”) on the use of virtual transfer coaching within the framework of a management development at the Globus Fachmärkte.
Springer Verlag, ISBN 978-3-531-186434-4